ACL 2019

On March 30th, just before the beginning of the International Meeting SIMPAR-ISURA, the second edition of FYD (Feed Your Destiny): fighting pain workshop will be held.

The main mission of this event is to deepen as nutrition and nutraceuticals can help the patient overcome chronic pain, improving the quality of life.

Scientific research has identified many nutritional components that can improve the chronic pain disease through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Then, we will identify how a patient's multidisciplinary management, which also includes nutritional monitoring, can help the pain therapist to create a personalized medicine (Precision medicine), acting with the maximum efficacy and safety.

In the workshop, Italian and foreign internationally recognized experts in the field of nutrition and pain, such as Professors Belfer, Cebrian, Muscoli, Roda, Rondanelli, and doctors Marchesini, Martini, Mena, Salamone, and Villarini will show the most recent scientific evidence.

The aim of the workshop is to create innovative clinical protocols and partnerships to include nutrition and nutraceuticals for the management of all pain syndromes.